Individual Therapy

Counselling for Adults

A confidential, trusting and caring therapeutic relationship in a safe environment makes it possible for you to talk freely and privately about your problems. This might involve some searching and reflection. Having a deeper sense of the issues that are troubling you and seeing things more clearly helps you work towards self directed goals and develop solutions.

Counselling for young people 

For most young people, their social system involves peer relationships and it maybe that they find it difficult to talk to the people around them or disclose their problems to their families. I work with young people, exploring their individual difficulties.

These may involve bullying, behavioural problems, self harm, isolation, bereavement, emotional difficulties, relationships issues and OCD.

Counselling for young people enables them to explore how they are feeling in a separate confidential space away from home, school and their peers.

Counselling for Children

Children find it difficult to understand and process painful feelings which may lead to challenging behaviour. They also need an understanding counsellor who endeavours to envisage the child’s world and responds to the child therapeutically.

Counselling with children entails working with age appropriate media giving opportunity for the child to explore feelings and thoughts through symbolic play, enabling the child to cope better with his/her emotions, finding resilience and resolve.


Initial phone consultations are free of charge.

One to one counselling sessions £30.00 per 50 min session.